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The Most Terrifying Haunted Corn Maze in Ohio

OPENING NIGHT SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Last Day October 30, 2021

Join us on a dark and twisted journey of terror that will test even the bravest of souls. From ghoulish zombies and psychotic doctors, to vengeful spirits and ax-wielding murderers, the Field of Fear plays host to some of your most chilling nightmares come to life.

Field of Fear is back and better than ever! For the extra special year of 2021, we have 4. YES, 4 all-new haunts!

  • Moonshine Massacre Hayride: Take a ride on the wild side of moonshine madness. See where our local shine is made, try to steal from the caretaker and you might just get to meet your maker. No one steals from our fields and lives to talk about it….
  • Hillbilly Hell: Everyone loves a good hillbilly, but these are no normal folks. Watch your back around every turn, or you might just get stuck and not return.
  • CarnEvil: Who likes games? from clowns to kids, this carnival is no fun. you better leave and run run run.
  • The Infected: more information to come...

Become a team member

  • At least 16 years of age, with a school-issued work permit for under 18.
  • Have reliable transportation.
  • Be able to work every Friday or Saturday night from September 17th through October 30th.
  • Be loud, outgoing, not afraid to interact with people.

To apply please send us a message on our Facebook page

Important Information

We are OPEN at Dark! The last tickets will be sold at 11 PM every night! The last day will be on October 30, 202.


Do one haunt, or all 4. $10.00 per haunt, or all 4 for $20.00.
Go VIP style for $10 more and jump in front of the line!
Dates listed in Red are open, dates marked with * are premium dates, and have a higher ticket cost.

You can get tickets using the link below or you can purchase them at our ticket booth.



The maze is located at 3001 South Crissey Road, Monclova, Ohio 43542.


Please note Field of fear is NOT for the faint of heart. We utilize a variety of lights, sounds, and live actors to create the most blood curdling, fear inducing experience possible. If you have issues with these types of effects, please inform the attendant before you enter the field of fear.

Many will enter. None will ever be the same. What Lurks in the darkness?

The most terrifying haunted experience in Northwest Ohio!


Interested in Working with us?

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